Columns designed for working with pressure or without (atmospheric), for the Chemical, Petrochemical and other related industries. Designed and calculated according to the main design codes such as; ASME VIII Div.1., AD Merkblatter, EN-13445, CODAP. Configured in removable sections joined with body flanges or in one piece (up to 50 m in length, depending on the diameter). Possibilities to equip them with half-pipe coil and/or heating jacket. Also available with external contact coils and / or internal with any necessary configuration, concentric, double circuit, multi-spiral, grid, etc.
Possibility of heating them integrally. Possibilities of integral and watertight (fully welded) insulation of the equipment. Conventional insulation available.
We design special accessories, Nitrogen distribution rings, distributors, adjustable baffles, special manholes, etc.
Ladders, platforms, “blank mounting” in our facilities, etc.
Manufactured in carbon steel, in low alloys, stainless steels, special alloys, duplex, super-duplex and noble metals such as pure Nickel or Titanium.
Non-destructive tests according to the design code and also any other type of non-destructive testing required by the Client.
Turnkey installations.

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