In maivisa, we do not neglect to continue caring for the environment

In maivisa, we do not neglect to continue caring for the environment

In maivisa, we do not neglect to continue caring for the environment. Since the end of last summer, we have produced our own electricity using a photovoltaic solar roof, for energy self-consumption. The installation has a power of 121 kWp, connected to the network and occupies about 2,800 m2. It produces about 180,000 kWh / year, assuming an approximate reduction of 55 tons of CO2 per year.

We try to contribute as far as possible, in improving the footprint that our activity leaves in the environment and in our closest surroundings. Our equipment, today more than ever, is manufactured with totally clean energy.

From maivisa we would like to heartily thank to the all Health Personnel, Doctors, Nurses, Administrative personnel, NGO’s, Farmers and Ranchers, Food Business Personnel, Transport Companies and Drivers, Police, Military, Public Administration officials, Social Services, Post office personnel, Public Transport Drivers, Taxi Drivers, Courier Companies, Investigators, Pharmaceutical Laboratories and the rest of the brave people who make our lives, even in a state of  confinement and Health Emergency worldwide, to keep on going in the best possible way.

We are 100% operative, offering our services to all our Customers. In this sense, Maivisa is doing its best in order to grant the security and health of all its staff, taking all possible measures to ensure health and specially prevention; it means, personal protection, minimum safety distances, homeworking, flexibility on working hours, reduction of working day, etc.

We can only wish, on behalf of all the members of our staff, the best in these difficult times.

Take care, avoid any risk, be patient, love and keep strong, this will pass over soon.

Today more than ever, we are one single world, one single wish.

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