Maivisa was founded in 1975. At the present it is completely dedicated to the design and construction of light and semi-heavy metallic pressure process equipment such as; Chemical and petrochemical reactors, heat exchangers, columns, tanks, silos, special constructions, pressure vessels, etc.

In the last 25 years we have grown slowly but surely. Since 2009, with the inauguration of our new premises, we have expanded the workshop area, as well as the staff, facilities, technology and technical and business areas.

The expansion of the facilities and not least, the continuity in the Direction and leadership model of our company, as well as the many years of cooperation with the majority of our workers, have allowed us both an increase in quality and specialization In the manufacture of more complex equipment and constructions with new materials.

An important feature of our current organizational structure is commitment and flexibility, a fundamental aspect to offer in each case the product adapted to the needs of our Customers. This feature allows us to guarantee maximum liability and quality in all fields of the project.

We face the challenges of the next future with the absolute confidence that our young generation of professionals gives us, which have grown with us. We are convinced that our products will ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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